A Sucker Punch for the self-esteem

I come from a culture where we have learned over the centuries that is worth more a gesture of humility than an extreme demonstration of self-esteem because you run the serious risk of appearing arrogant. When you are one step away from pleasing, or get people on their nerves, it is better to stop and think what would be better? I think It would be better to please than leaving the impression that you still do not walk and you pretend to appear you run at full speed, it would serve so that people do not evade you and want to return to be with you in future meetings. I understand that sometimes mistakes are made involuntarily and that it is inevitable to slip and cause people to have misconceptions about you, but when it is done frequently, it is no longer a mistake. Of course, self-confidence is important to achieve everything you set out to do; however, a public demonstration of self-sufficiency and trying to prove at all costs that you are brilliant, charming and virtuous usually causes the opposite effect. It is very common for a musician who is part of the orchestra to end up wanting to give lessons to the director and, believe me, that never ends well. It is very interesting and instructive to resort to the graphics memory and discographic memory of the great musicians of all times and, in most cases, we see that their beginnings were a lot of work and a total disposition to entertain and please the public at that they wanted to address, with humility and total dedication, they never took haughty attitudes or pretended to think that they were worth simply to exist and that, at the first song, everyone should be at their feet. On the contrary, aware that this race is long and difficult, and that the recognition is not deserved, but conquered, they fought tirelessly for many years to demonstrate what they were and finally achieved recognition. Probably many of those stars became characters unattainable for many and arrogant for others after conquering success, but that is another story and belongs to another moment of their careers. The point is that when you intend to start a career in whatever, it is better to adopt a humble position and go little by little conquering the love and appreciation for our work based on humility and the willingness to learn from those who have more time in this, to then reap triumphs and satisfaction along all the way. The first time I saw Sigrid on British television, she caught my attention, after a minute of her performance I thought: "where does that attitude come from?" Two minutes later I did not know if I would stop seeing her and just listen to the song. Near the end of the song, I said: "I think it needs a long time before she can take these poses." And during the interview, I was convinced that Sigrid pretends to be recognized before starting and forgets that the first thing she has to do is convince.


Discussing with friends about their impressions of this first appearance of the singer and having put my point of view on the table, there were those who tried to excuse her. "Probably in her country is a great figure and that's why she takes those diva postures", I'm sorry, she's not. "Maybe it's because she's millennial, you know, that's how everyone in her generation is," I'm sorry, most millennials are charming and do not behave like that; on the contrary, they are not interested in proving that they are all-powerful. There is no justification for taking those poses and wanting to put you above the audience and the program host just because she thinks she is already a star. One thing is to make every effort to please and entertain and another is to use the television screen as a vehicle for someone to start creating a cult to your personality. I cannot understand how a person with no more than eighty-five thousand followers on her social networks may want us to have a false idea of her. It's a huge loss of energy right at the moment when you need all that strength to be looking for all the possible forums, collaborations, and alliances so that people simply get to know you and cultivate a taste for your music and affection for your personality, a personality that, almost always, should be humble. It cannot be that in her own social networks she publishes that one of her songs has been reproduced 200 million times when she does not reach a hundred thousand followers. You lose credibility, people no longer believe anything you say and have a huge number of tools to corroborate what you say about yourself and what others say about you. It's hard, but that was the impression the singer left me. Are the songs on the Sucker Punch album bad? No. Could they have been better if the singer adopts another position at the time of singing? I think so. What I hear in my ear when I hear her sing is pure arrogance, I'm sorry, that's what it conveys to me, and I do not think it's the musical direction when she records her songs or the art direction when she makes her videos, I think Sigrid thinks she's already an idol and I think she's wrong, she has everything to become one, of course, she does, but all in her time. For now, we keep those poses and try to show how much we love music and how much we long for the affection, recognition, and preference of the audience.


Sings well? Clear!!! It shows that she has been educated in that and very well, the song "Do not Feel Like Crying" is a great example of it; however, it is a pity that in almost all of her songs there is a huge need to show that she is a great singer and the feeling is lost, honest work is not noticed; on the contrary, it is perceived as overactive. Tired of always wanting to prepare the dishes with the exact recipe, measure grams, and milligrams so that everything is scientifically perfect. Put salt, pepper and that's it! Show that you are alive and today you feel sad and tomorrow angry and later happy, that does not really matter, you're human, are not you? Worrying so much about perfection usually ends up creating plastic and artificial things. The looks and attitudes in front of the camera should be more empathetic, in the end, those who are on the other side of the screen are considering the possibility not only of buying your album but of making you their hero for many years, someone in whom they can be reflected and I think it is not the desire of many to go through life squandering arrogance. Self-confidence will always be the key to success, but it is not always advisable to transform it into something that should be waved as a flag for all to see. It is better to internalize it, to make it an ally for the future and not an enemy in the present.

By: Jorge Diaz

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