AMO, The Mantra of Bring Me The Horizon

I do not know if they wanted to play with the word AMO, since the meaning of this word in Spanish is "I love" and probably they love what they have done in this album but, what I'm sure of is that I love all the songs included on the album because of their variety and what the British band Bring Me The Horizon has shown the world: virtuosity. An eclectic album in fact, but not meaningless, everything has been perfectly placed in the right place to create sometimes a schizophrenic environment, full of energy and other times puzzling. With strokes of Rush in some subjects, but also collecting the most modern styles such as Electro Pop and Hip-Hop. Oliver Sykes, vocalist of this band, is far from any prejudice, the same gives a handle to his voice as the most acclaimed Heavy Metal singer, or the clarity and smoothness of singing that Shawn Mendes has and, in some songs, surprises us with feminine tessituras. Some lyrics are hard to digest, but with enough time to meditate on each of them, we will see reflected many of our complications on this modern life. What I want to make clear is that, although it is musically complete and complex, so is it in the content of its lyrics, it is not hollow or superficial on the contrary, it is profound and coherent. This is what it's all about when we talk about an artist, or a group of artists as is the case: committed to their art without caring about the false postures, the clichés, the attachment to market labels or, the pathetic care of the image that many others have and, therefore, waste the full potential of a record or a song and never show everything that are able to contribute to music. Fortunately, we are faced with an authentic band ready to break down all the barriers. They do not stop to look good with a sector of the public that loves certain musical genres; on the contrary, they compose what comes to them at the moment of the creative process and they capture it in the record. Although many have criticized his album MASTER for the seemingly meaningless mixture of so many styles between song and song, I think this is the best thing that can be done by an artist in these moments of so much competition and tastes so varied among music lovers. Things are no longer like they used to be and everything that comes from an artist can be appreciated together or separately. In short, it is a success. This masterful selection of songs included in the album is a mantra, so great.


The album is like the “helter skelter” the game in which to start you have to climb the stairs and you end up down and to play again you have to climb again. The explosion with which you are surprised at the beginning puts you up, they begin to spin you towards a more stable mood out of the third or fourth song, you go to the middle and you think you have everything under control, the fall hits you with a battery that sounds to the 80's and a voice that borders on the most commercial of Pop, at times you cannot believe it. I think they thought that was the medicine you need for what comes next. Go up and up until you start down again. It is truly something liberating, which gives you drop by drop what you need to complete a unique experience. I mentioned Rush at first, but I was very happy to also discover Red Hot Chili Peppers in one of their songs, the arrangement of guitars, bass and drums give them away. Welcome all masters and all influences, until the inclusion of Brazilian rhythms that hide in the background to give variety to this whole palette of styles. This is how I understand the album, rich by its variety and great for its execution. Special mention has the song "Heavy Metal" which only in the last few seconds gives us something of that style, since in the rest of the song although the guitars are characteristics of the genre, the battery is in a completely distant mode. Cool. It is complemented by the arrangements of the most technologically advanced instruments, cutting-edge recording techniques, string aggregates that play classic arrangements and, a disconcerting inclusion of a song, worthy of the best DJs in the world, I refer to "Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)”. Someone had doubts about the immense amount of styles that the Sheffield guys can handle in a very effective way. Here is a clear sign that the band has no limits:


From start to finish, Bring Me The Horizon’s AMO, keeps you tuned to the next song, you just want to know where they are going to throw you and where you are going to fall and then bounce to a completely different place. It is a well-planned madness to conquer a very broad audience. Although its beginnings were in 2003, the release of their first album "Count your Blessings" was in 2006 and since then, this great band formed by the vocalist Oliver Sykes, the guitarist Lee Malia, the Bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and, keyboardist Jordan Fish, has given us experiences that leave us open-mouthed, always surprising and hopefully continue for many years. I can see among its greatest fans people of all ages and very different musical tastes. Only in 2019 they have swept the popularity charts, occupying the first places in the main countries of Europe, as well as in Australia, New Zealand and the Nordic countries. Perhaps they need much more penetration in the music market of the American continent, which I do not think will take long to arrive since bands like Bring Me The Horizon, with its quality, energy and authenticity, will always penetrate the most demanding markets with all the success they deserve. The best thing is that May is the month in which the United States will be receiving this band in Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and, Baltimore. If you are near those cities run for tickets and, if you are not close but you have a lot of money... too.

By: Jorge Diaz

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