Bebe Rexha, exceeding my expectations

In her account of more than eight million followers on the social network Instagram, the singer Bebe Rexha writes this on her profile: "rock star, not a pop star" and I guess many will agree with her while others flatly deny it. And it is not easy for many to listen to songs like "Shining Star" "Mine" or "Meant to Be" and to give the reason to the artist. Although if you listen to "Ferrari" or "I'm a Mess" you will totally agree with her. The singer also says the same in her Twitter profile with more than one million three hundred thousand followers, and on Facebook with almost two and a half million fans, and yet I believe that even among her most loyal followers, there will be those who contradict themselves and think: Bebe Rexha is a versatile rock star, and others who say that the artist is a pop star who plays strong themes. Some have called her the bad girl of pop and I do not know if that makes Bebe Rexha happy, but since labels are in fashion all over the world, I think that she will not be able to escape from some people calling her in a way and other people call her from other. Maybe it would be easier to not pay attention to those labels and continue creating music without anything else matters anyway, to add more elements to the debate, my opinion is that, in short, this unique American singer is a rock star. Why? Because taking the rock in the veins is demonstrated with the attitude and not necessarily with the musical styles with which you explore in your records. There are thousands of examples about true idols in different genres that experiment all the time with other styles to refresh their career and offer their followers different facets to be even more appreciated and that does not mean that they abandon the essence of the genre that gives meaning to their careers and in where they have grown. Another thing where I think some people are confused about not knowing where the place that Bebe Rexha should be is her look. Normally the care for the appearance and the use of fashionable clothes, with a wide variety of colors and styles, adding glamor and much makeup to everything that she presents in her videos and presentations, is more related to the world of pop music. It is something much more vain, narcissistic and commercial, it is part of the marketing of pop today. And on more than one occasion we see the singer installed in that way, that's also why confusion can exist. While in the rock world, we are more accustomed to leather clothing and less show the body, causing audiences to focus more on the songs and the rude and aggressive style of its performers, without the appearance of much matter. But for me, and apparently for Bebe Rexha too, the feminine beauty, the taste for variety in the costumes that make you look better, and a good rock melody are not fought. I think we are living in a moment in which it is right that we should shake off all those stereotypes and concentrate more on having fun and appreciating the beauty of each artistic expression without so many ties.


The first song that opens the album Expectations is "Ferrari". The video is not as professional as I would expect for an artist who is competing in the big leagues, I guess they wanted to be in line with the fashion of doing everything from a smartphone on the part of all people, however, I think that even with that in mind they could achieve something better. But regardless of it, we can see that yes, Bebe Rexha, is all a Ferrari. She has all the elements to ensure that she is a rock star: a powerful song, with transgressive lyrics and a video where our star is seen being herself before the camera, rebellious, challenging and full of a sensuality that throws flying your imagination. Much more beautiful than a Ferrari, I think that seeing this demonstration of strength, rebellion, and beauty, hardly anyone would dare to put her in the same square where Taylor Swift is, or is it? Definitely, Bebe Rexha is a rock star OK but the primary need that an artist has to add variety and continue exploring in other territories, forces her to play other genres without losing her spirit and nature do not you think? It's just her and I think that's how we like it.


The song "I'm a Mess" is another excellent example that we are before a rock star. A beginning only with a guitar arrangement, a rhythm that grows as the song progresses, a lyric that speak of very common situations in various stages of our lives and the harrowing interpretation of who sings it. I think it's a very complete subject and describes to a large extent the nature of this singer. Speaking of the album in general and continuing with the confusion of the labels, it is to give great credit to the fact that Bebe Rexha is one of the composers of almost all the songs included in this album. In a time when it is very simple for some to take songs from the past and make some small changes to offer them to the public, the effort to deliver original material is to applaud it to anyone. Therefore, the confusion on the labels should not distract us from the most important and, above all, should not be a cause of concern for the artist and perhaps it would be the moment for her to remove it from her profile on social networks.


I do not want to say goodbye without first mentioning the song "Grace" it truly impressed me the power in the voice of Bebe Rexha. Again, we return to the need of all artists to experiment with different genres and this must be a situation to which we must get used to. By the way, do not stop watching the video of the song "I Got You", it's a good song and you can admire the beauty of Bebe Rexha in all her splendor, highly recommended. In general, this album has exceeded my expectations.

By: Jorge Diaz

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