Britney Spears, from Glory to Hell?

I feel particularly bad when I see the ups and downs of an artist and above all, when I see the people who once said they loved him, or the "haters" that have never been missing at any time in history (more now, in times of social networks) take advantage of the vulnerability of people to try to plunge them further. If we add to that the human factor that causes weakness in all of us, sometimes we do not realize real personal tragedies. The most famous cases are those of children who became world stars and, because of their own mistakes and those around them, things go out of control and reach a breaking point in their lives in which it is very difficult to get out of the hole. Just to mention some, something that has impacted me a lot, is getting deeper and deeper into the knowledge of Michael Jackson's life. What we have been left to see from your childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, allows us to see how difficult it is to be surrounded by people who want to take advantage of you, thus becoming something that you should not be, causing you to make mistakes that you might never have wanted to commit. Life takes you down paths that you would not want to walk, but there is no one to help or guide you, there are only those who want to get something out of you, those who really do not care about you. Things go too far and the outcome is fatal. While many publicize the dark side of people so that the public is satisfied with a good dose of morbid, others try to balance the public's vision by making known all the problems that these people went through from a very early age, and putting in clear that is important and fair the separation between the human being and the artist. We must never forget that separation of themes so that the artistic legacy remains intact and I continue to contribute to our culture. Whenever I remember the story of Michael Jackson, I am more fearful than in recent years we have known of young stars like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, who have had to resort to rehabilitation clinics for problems that could be avoided. The great fear that these girls and many others in the artistic medium end with fatal stories, is real and the truth causes me sadness. I think it should not be like that, and I think there are many people in charge who were close to them since they were children, the very ones that someone should investigate and put in their place. The case of Britney Spears is something that touches me directly. She became everyone's girlfriend when I was still young and despite not having a great admiration for her music or singing, I could not miss a single video of her and be attentive to the sexiest photos she published. When things started to get complicated for Britney Spears more than a decade ago, I thought that nothing good awaited her. Today, I have a bad feeling that I was right.


The first thing that surprised me when I realized that Britney Spears had gotten out of control and had to enter a place to be calm and recover, was the fact that I knew that she had a contract in Las Vegas, that place where the party is eternal. For an artist, signing a contract in Las Vegas is definitely a solution to financial problems, however, the physical demand is often counterproductive and if you do not have control over the daily pressures, it can be a reason to fall into temptations that only complicate things I do not understand how it was possible to accept such a long contract for a singer like Britney Spears, we all know she is fragile. With the fragility of an artist who has worked tirelessly since she was a child and her life has left her deep wounds and confusions, which do not allow her to live with her children one hundred percent, that her relationships with her family are delicate, that many of those around her just want to take advantage of her, there are hundreds of fans who do not respect the vital space of their star, and countless haters who just want to see her fall, Las Vegas is the worst remedy for that disease. Sooner or later she had to enter a state of panic like the one she entered and, surely, had to use substances to try to calm down, which makes things even worse. Now, as she herself declared through her accounts, she finds herself better, however, how long will it take for her to relapse again? Why? Because the contract in Las Vegas has not expired yet, she has to comply with it and the problems will return. Britney has more time and many more problems than Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, and also more occasions in which she has had to resort to professional help and has disappeared from the scene for a while to recover. Therefore, I believe that her physical and mental health should be more important at this time than being dragged into signing contracts that could only end the balance of life that she may still have, even if it is small and fragile. What is more surprising is that I do not see anyone worried about the new children stars, I understand; as I mentioned in another of my Narratives, the authorities start to emphasize the topic, but I do not think it is enough to be calm. Nobody wants, except the haters (who fortunately are less than us) that the artists who have given their lives to give us enormous moments of happiness and company with their songs (good or bad, but always with the noble intention of pleasing us) finish sunk in problems that have no return. No one wants to see a person destroyed, hopefully, someone will help her and soon.

By: Jorge Diaz

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