Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic is 24K Gold

He can sing Pop, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, disco, rock, R&B, reggae, he can rap, he can dance, he can do everything he proposes in the musical arena, does that make him a good artist? I don't think so, that makes him a genius!!!! I met him from the beginning of his career, and I understood the emphasis on Pop that both he and his manager put because they had to come with a proposal very light and fresh for teenagers, who would become the base of followers that today is faithful. As time went on, his music became more interesting for those of us who were passionate about the arrangements, the instrumentation, the genres that offer greater challenges for the composition and execution of instruments and everything became successful. One of the things I really appreciate about Bruno Mars is the fact of giving so much credit to the musicians in his band. They are not background like in the case of other solo artists, are protagonists in their concerts and videos. I think that Bruno's camaraderie and affection for his band is reflected in the interpretative quality of each of its members when it comes to executing its instrument on each disc. It Is good for an artist to recognize the talent and the loyalty of those around him, in the end, the public will appreciate it because good personal relationships are reflected on the stage. The coexistence between musicians is not easy, but fortunately I think that this situation is surpassed between Bruno and his band. Have passed through our ears The Grenade Sessions, It's Better If You Don't Understand, Doo - Wops & Hooligans, Unorthodox Jukebox and we got to 24K Magic, all this time and up to 2019 we've seen him collaborate with artists as successful as him and, of course, we have witnessed that madness called "Uptown Funk" in which he collaborated with Mark Ronson. There was not a corner of the earth that has not registered the name of Bruno Mars with that song and it is only up to him not to waste all that fame. A man prodigy who gives us in “24K Magic” the same rhythm of "Chunky", that the sweetness of "Straight Up & Down". This easy manner with which he gives the freedom to compose everything that he wants, makes him the most complete artist of the moment. No one can stop feeling seduced by a character with the characteristics of Bruno Mars.


Bruno Mars has stated on several occasions that, among many other influences, that of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have been very important in his career and we can see that in the song “Finesse” in the part where he sings: “We out here drippin' in finesse, it don't make no sense, out here drippin' in finesse, you know it, you know it…” that reminds a lot the Chorus of the song "Remember the Time" of the Great Michael. And It's okay, but I argue that Bruno is possessed by the spirit of James Brown too and I think there's nothing wrong with it; on the contrary, any artist would like to be compared with such a giant. Just look at their movements and the energy with which it is planted on stage, is electrifying. In addition, the tones so sharp that his voice can reach and, the virtuosity with which it can adapt to different genres allows the versatility that we all expect from an artist so that every new material he presents does not look like the same. Precisely that variety in every job he does is what helps us not to get bored of him, when in other unfortunate cases, other singers do not have so many resources and end up in oblivion, doing the same always. It's not up to me to judge their personal bumps, we all have them, even if we're not famous however, after seeing him and admiring him in "Please Me" with Cardi B at the beginning of 2019, I am certain that he is recovered and in shape to continue offering the best of his art for many years. Returning to the album 24K Magic, we can not let pass the song that bears the same name.


Maybe this is the dream of all men on the planet: live 24/7 party around the world, with luxury, private jets and, of course surrounded by the most beautiful girls. At least once in a lifetime and then wake up to the cruel reality. And, who is not a dangerous man with some money in his pocket? Absolutely all of us. That is precisely the image that Bruno projects in this song and reinforces it with the video. As a good pimp and touring the best places in the city does wonders with this mixture of funk, disco and, R&B. Perhaps not the best song of his career but meets what the male audience was asking and opens the way to something with much more class: "That’s What I Like”.


As music lovers music and the integral work of an artist, the song and video “That’s What I Like”, confirms everything said in this narrative: interpretative quality, brilliant compositions, choreographies of the highest level and, personal charisma that make Bruno Mars a unique artist in the musical offer of these days. We could stay for many hours discussing and analyzing each of his songs and collaborations with other singers, because even having few years in the music business, this artist has been prolific and surely not stop in the years to come. But nothing is better than creating your own tracklist, with what you like most about him, put some good headphones in your ears and transport you to that place where there is no room for sadness, well a little, although joy is the hallmark of the music of Bruno Mars' and that's better. I can not wait any longer and I would like to have in my hands a new EP of this genius in the coming months. That joy that he transmits when dancing and his admirable voice, can not be denied for a long time. Born in Hawaii and continuing his youth in Los Angeles, he opened the way by composing songs for other artists and now it's up to him to reap the fruits of fame, which, if he continues along the same path, will never end.

By: Jorge Diaz

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