Daniel Caesar and his album “Freudian”, an oasis of peace amid so much anguish

This morning I was reading a BBC note on the Gallup report on the levels of anger, sadness and stress in the world. About 140 countries were visited to do their interviews and the results are discouraging. The study has nothing to do with the distant past, they just asked about their experiences of the previous day and there was an increase in the level of disrespect, worry, stress and anger like never before. At the end, there were people from some countries who expressed the origin of their distress and concern: having trouble bringing food to the table. Let's imagine for a moment the face of two or three children waiting for food and seeing their father come empty-handed. Terrible, just terrible. Humanity seems to be going backwards and instead of having a more comfortable and therefore more pleasurable life, it seems that we are not doing the right thing or enough so that we can all enjoy a life with less worries. I'm writing this on Friday and it's usually the happiest day of the week for me. They finish the rush, I have more time to read and I will give myself full to the pleasure of music and, why not, a good wine. Between the two things, the BBC note and the day of the week, I wonder what to recommend as a good option to listen to tonight. It seems to me something that transmits peace, beauty and relaxation. When I did a quick search in VIBBIDI, I got the answer immediately and I think it's the best. It is about that voice that comes directly from heaven, although born in Canada, it is Daniel Caesar and his album Freudian. A selection that will give you space in your mind to meditate, to stop along the way, to try to understand that the simple things in life are those that give you the most meaning; that there are other people that are probably in worse circumstances than us and need our help; that as much as we think things are not right, it's not worth worrying about anymore; that the material things is transient and that the health of the soul and the mind is much more important than anything else.


Fully immersed in the attempt to transmit something to release the pressure and contribute to create peace in those who read this and about the disk of Daniel Caesar, I will refer to the Freudian principle of pleasure. This principle, according to Freud, governs the mental functioning: the whole of the psychic activity is intended to avoid the displeasure and to procure the pleasure. Since the displeasure is linked to the increase in the amounts of excitement, and the pleasure to decrease these. That's why, it could not be more appropriate to seek a state of mind of tranquility and, therefore, happiness, than to listen to the sound of the waves of the sea come and go endlessly in the song "Best Part" included in this album and in which collaborates the extraordinary singer collaborates, H.E.R. of whom we have already spoken on another occasion. Both voices mingle to give us all the love, all the peace and beauty that we can find in a theme full of romance. Tender and serene, the theme puts us in an atmosphere of comfort and pleasure. The pleasure, from my point of view, does not have to be as complex or sophisticated as to look for things that, in many occasions, cause us distress or stress; on the contrary, the affectionate reception of our mascot after a heavy day of work; seeing how the small plant grows that we planted a month ago; the birth of the flower that is already seen; a relaxed chat with your best friend or; better yet, with your beloved partner; let yourself fall into the sand by the seashore to contemplate the sound of that powerful, but at the same time giant gentile that is the ocean. How many things can you find pleasure in? Hopefully and on a Friday night anyone can ask that question and make a mental count of the immense amount of small details that give you pleasure without costing you anything. And, how many things can you do to give others pleasure? That is also what happiness is about, knowing that you can be the difference and offer to other peace and pleasure, happiness and tranquility. I am sure that a small effort will make it possible and we will all be better.


I cannot yet leave the impact so great that it caused me to see this news; however, I'm trying an effort because I know it's Friday and things will improve in the afternoon and evening. When listening to the whole album, Freudian, I wonder if it will be possible to include things like this in our track-lists of every day of the week, give us a time, no matter the time of day, to listen to songs that offer us tranquility and then continue with our day. Maybe that helps so that our problems real or fictitious, no longer represent a burden so heavy as to increase our stress levels. If we all intend to do the same, probably the next Gallup poll on the levels of worry, stress and anger, will improve considerably next year. Separate mention and a huge congratulation to the 5 countries that appeared on the list as those who had the most positive experiences in the world. The five countries belong to Latin America and one of them is my country!!! Mexico. Yes, it was time to reflect that joy that we printed in all the songs that characterize our folklore. I think it is about repeating verses as: "Open your eyes, look up and enjoy the good things that life has", which has transmitted to our subconscious the need to focus on positive things to make life more bearable. Let's continue enjoying this oasis of peace that represents the album of Daniel Caesar, it is needed between so much anguish. Let’s try to take it with us all week and let us transport to those places of peace that many of the tracks included in this album have the ability to do.

By: Jorge Diaz

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