Demi Lovato, with all the strength of love

You can not say it's the best album ever created, but we cannot say it's the worst album either. Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato is an album that has a lot of desires to cover everything it can, maybe with the desire to erase all the bad times to concentrate on the future. It clearly reflects the desire to love and be loved, to be respected for what she is and to make it clear that it will not fall under the pressures of a society that presses and criticizes for the pleasure of seeing people defeated and without hope. It is also the desire to never fall into mistakes, although with the recognition that these problems are worked day by day and with great patience. It is an album that marks the distance with prejudices and that worries, despite everything, to offer the audience that loves her so much, moments of happiness no matter what is inside the soul, however heartbreaking it may be. I think that's why so many of the topics written for this release in 2017 have little interconnection. The same we have sad songs, others full of claims, feelings of revenge and a song that frankly do not identify much with my tastes and expectations. But the way I want to value it is in the difficult stages that Demi Lovato has gone through, stages that without a doubt would have devastated many of us and that, different from what many could have predicted, the artist has risen and has been able to fight against all those demons to tame them and not let them take over her again. It must be terribly difficult to be so successful from an early age, to have participated in any number of television shows, series, movies, collaborations with other singers and composers, exhausting tours, personal problems and still standing to continue telling stories, wanting to please her fans, keep recording videos and make a superhuman effort to enter the recording studio, with all the wear and tear that this implies. After knowing the stories of other characters from the artistic medium, who could not resist and stayed on the edge of the road, we cannot bargain for a penny and we just have to stand up to recognize this feat, as well as hope that this is the direction her career takes, away from the problems that have made her fall and with all the energy to keep working.


The best song on the album is definitely "Sorry Not Sorry" because it expresses a lot of what Demi Lovato has inside the soul and wants to get it out. It is an honest song and with good rhythm, it says what many would like to say and for that reason, I think it was quite well received by the public. I chose the acoustic version because personally, I can better appreciate everything that the singer and her musicians develop throughout the song and the feeling is better expressed than in the electronic version. So far, I don't think there is something better than appreciating a good song performed by people and with real instruments, for me, it is the essence of music. I do not criticize the use of artificial elements to develop music, but I defend the fact that no one loses the good habit of playing instruments and of appreciating music in its most original form. It is a song with a strong letter that warns that she will not give up and that she is prepared for revenge. This theme is the most resizable of the album from my point of view and I think it was the main impulse for a huge number of countries to position the album in the first places in 2017, highlighting a great second place in the United States, this not only shows the quality of the work presented by Demi Lovato, but also the love and unconditional support of the people who suffer, live and sing with her for so many years and who are willing to give her all their love. That need that is evident in the title of the album, is what has moved many to remind her that stands by all of them, and that she will never be alone. She asked to be told that they loved her, and the answer was immediate. And with all that love from all the millions who wait year after year to listen to a new song, see her at a concert and, above all, know that she's okay, I'm sure things will be much better in the short term for her.


Yes, I definitely stay with the acoustic themes of the album. "No Promises" is another sweet and full of feeling theme. Maybe I miss some of the rock that the singer had given us in previous productions on the album; however, despite the differences in style, this calm theme compensates for the absence of other things, it seems to me that the intrinsic message in this song is the fact that we must all consider, before the problems, what remains is to fight, but it is better not to make promises because you never know when you can lose a battle and have to get up again. Without promises, but with the conviction never to give up, that's better. Another thing worth mentioning is that throughout all the songs included in this work the singer shows an impressive ability to sing and reach very high notes. Her vocal quality is not in doubt, nor her quality as a person, so I trust that things will improve very soon. Proudly presented on her website as a singer, songwriter, actress, lawyer, philanthropist, and businesswoman and, of course, it had to be like that! When one remembers yourself what one is and what one worth, bad things lose importance and the best of each one emerges to get ahead and not be defeated by anything or anyone. That is exactly the meaning I give to this record. The confirmation that we are worth what we are and not what we look like. It is not our appearance that gives value to our person, but our inner being that gives value to everything we do. It is always very important to remind us that our life is full of achievements that are reasons to be proud and inspired to move forward and not think that the problems are bigger than us.

By: Jorge Diaz

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