Despite the movie, Queen will still be great

It was the autumn of 1981, as few times in my hometown, would one of the greatest rock bands of the moment and of all times be presented: Queen. At that time, rock concerts in Mexico were demonized, the national and state governments, were determined to not allow any show of that nature to be presented in national territory. It was pathetic, but it was what lived in that time. It reached the extreme in which only the national rock bands that were to the taste of the son of an ex-president or formed by himself, were the only ones that appeared in very controlled audiences. Therefore, parents were particularly careful and fearful of allowing their teenagers to attend events of this type. I was 15 years old and as you can guess, I was a rock fan like my older brother and when we knew that Queen was going to be in our city, the sweat started to run down our foreheads, it was urgent to be present. He was almost 17 years old; he was in the same age range as me and, consequently, it was going to be really hard to convince our parents that everything was going to be ok, that never anywhere could have a chance like this twice. It was "Queen” or death. Until these days I keep wondering why the decision of the authorities to have allowed the concert, but I still thank – Even more, it would be in a soccer stadium, which implied a huge concentration of people that were difficult to control. The unjust bad reputation that Rock fans had at that time, plus the bad eyes with which the government treated this type of concerts, were the perfect storm but, for some reason and not without some small setbacks, everything was taken out with tranquility and the youth of that time we had the privilege of living up to the great stages of the world; after all, my hometown was one of the two cities where Queen was presented for the only time in Mexico and that had to be appreciated with good behavior, love for music and all the energy. So it was.


For the new generations of Mexico and the world, this might seem ridiculous or even unbelievable, but we actually had to have our parents ' permission to attend. To open the concert of the British band there was no other band, it was the album of Abbey Road of The Beatles what sounded in the stadium until before Queen was presented. It did not matter, actually what we wanted was to see them and listen to them. The moment arrived and began to sound "We Will Rock You" in an accelerated version and everything was magical. Freddie Mercury transformed before my eyes into a comet of fire, at the speed of light, unstoppable, powerful and prodigious. Being a guitarist, I thought that the one who would most call my attention would be Brian May; however, Freddie's divinity truly eclipsed everything. With all due respect, when I saw them live I understood that the other 3 that were part of the band were the support group with which Mercury shone and performed his own act; perhaps because of this, when he died, the others understood that a new member would be useless, at least that is how it has been shown with respect to the audience's response, things have never been the same since Freddie died. During the entire concert I barely noticed the amount of tequila bottles that many had illegally introduced into the stadium and passed from hand to hand, for a long time I wondered what was that strange smell that was perceived in the environment until I do not know who told me it was marijuana; I did not really care, I was hypnotized by the show that was in front of my eyes. Anyway, my brother and a couple of friends who were with us, we consoled by eating oranges from a bag that the mother of one of them had given him for the concert, it did not put us in tune like tequila or marijuana, but less was healthy huh? – I had waited a lot for this moment and finally, "Somebody to Love" began to sound, my devotion for the band and the love that I will always profess to them was sealed in the first chorus of the song.


Many years later a movie was announced that would deal with Queen, Freddie as the center of the story, it could not be otherwise. I started to feel bad vibes when they showed the advances on YouTube, my fears increased when the British press, who were the first who had the opportunity to see the film, destroyed the film with their criticism. My turn came, or all my doubts would be cleared, or all my fears would be confirmed. The second thing happened. Terrible story around this icon, badly acted, frivolous. Light and without the respect due to the work of these geniuses. I do not understand, although I think the answer lies in the money that would be generated regardless of the quality of the film, why the remaining members of the band accepted the proposal. They themselves were wrong to give their endorsement when they were present at the premiere. It would have been better if they had not seen each other out there. A hero of so many millions of people throughout all these years, as Freddie Mercury is, does not deserve such treatment. I think Hallmark Channel would have done a more dignified job. And they threaten us with a second part??? No thanks, but no, thanks. Fortunately, all of us who love his life and work, we know that this was not suggested or inspired, much less created by one of the greatest singers, composers and showman in the history of contemporary music: Freddie Mercury. Advanced to his time and companion of many lonely nights for entire generations, that voice, that energy, that respect to everything he did remains intact despite the horrible movie that they wanted to sell us as a work of art. Hopefully and do not repeat with other greats of rock and that it is not the ambition for money that moves the companies to stain the name of our heroes.

By: Jorge Diaz

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