Homecoming: The Live Album by Beyoncé, there's nothing more to add

Sometimes one tries to describe as best you can in the title text what the reader is about to read. In many occasions, we fill it with adjectives to get attention as much as possible. Of course, it is valid, in addition, we who are writing want the most people to read our Narratives and that is why we do everything in our power to make that happen. Records that are true jewels created by artists or little-known bands need a push for music lovers to dare to enter and meet these brilliant new musicians. Even the new material of consecrated singers but facing enormous competition in their segment, require reviews that provide a broad perspective of what they are presenting to their audience so that more people appreciate them. It is part of the complication of swimming in the musical ocean overpopulated with good, bad and regular things. It is a jungle in which everyone wants to excel, and it is very easy to get lost; therefore, sometimes we have to draw attention to what we think is very worthwhile. But there are times in life when things are very easy, and one has little to add to what readers will be reading. Why? Because what one has proposed to analyze is a masterpiece that has the ability to be appreciated by all. No matter the musical tastes, ethnic origins, different languages, age or anything else that sometimes conditions our taste for music. When the art complies with all the rules to be executed visually and musically can be appreciated, loved and recognized by all. This is the case of our record today: Homecoming: The Live Album, by Beyoncé. Gathering that musical legacy, plus the documentary of this one presented by Netflix, we confirm that Beyoncé will go down in history as one of the most important singers of all time. Someone who is not limited to interpret some successes and look good in magazines, is a leader of her time, voice and action of millions of men and women who receive through it the defense and pride that for years have been denied. Worthy of study in universities, respected by the greatest leaders of the world and loved by a faithful and loyal public, Beyoncé does not offer us another concert in Coachella, rather she shows us the path of the claim of all human beings through music. She makes us more sensitive through her art and beauty that presents throughout these almost forty songs.


In the first place, it is impossible for me to separate what I see with what I hear in this work by Beyoncé, therefore, I will speak of both as one. Beyond the audiovisual beauty that we find from beginning to end, I am very interested in the “Freedom” that is perceived. A lot of artists in different disciplines created a concept that was very difficult to overcome in many years, but I am sure that all of them acted with a lot of freedom to start creating the pieces that were entrusted to them and then together to build the puzzle. Stage, lights, orchestra, guest artists, dancers, sound engineers, plastic artists and, of course, the brain of all this, Beyoncé, gave themselves the freedom to dream a show of this magnitude, to polish it and then to reach the exhaustive trials so that, with a commendable discipline, this jewel admired by all would arise. The selection of songs and the position of each of them during the show, was conceived to generate that madness in those who witnessed it either live or through the streaming service. Another of the things that are appreciated, is to be able to enter the intimacy of the essays and all the work that is behind to love even more this type of collective efforts led by the enormous artist. The success has been such that it is mentioned that they have reached an agreement with Beyoncé for three other exhibitions like this one in the coming years. Of course, she has plenty of energy and vitality to do it, what I do not know is if she can overcome it, hopefully, we would be the benefited. The biggest of the singers in her genre has set the brand very high so that others can exceed it; in fact, everything that the singer means to millions of people around the globe puts her in a place beyond what others in the music scene could mean. I dare say that what it meant Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for several generations, means Homecoming for the present generations. It is clear that the efforts are different and the current possibilities to build something of this magnitude is far from what could be done in the past, I only speak of the meaning that for many represent this wonderful presentation.


Artists like Jay-Z, her sister Solange, and her ex-partners of Destiny's Child are part of a great cast of musicians, singers, and dancers that bring life to the spectacle of the century that will be remembered forever and will be inscribed in golden letters in the history of popular music. How many artists would like to reach a projection and perfection like the one that Beyoncé has given us? At times it becomes such an intimate communion between her and you, that suddenly we are not aware of what we are witnessing until the explosive appearance of the singer, in many of the themes presented, gives us a shake and reminds us that we are witnessing the performance of a stage goddess and a warrior defending the rights of human beings. Filled with emotional and profound passages with the background voices and images taken from different moments of the history of men and women and their struggle for rights, it is not limited to that and also presents us the beautiful side of the people, moments of joy and passion for love towards all people. A living document that can be seen from many angles and appreciated from different points of view; but above all, a delight for music lovers.

By: Jorge Diaz

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