How many memories with the album of Dua Lipa

I did not expect much when I decided to listen to the album of Dua Lipa that bears her name and that until now is the only album delivered by the singer although with different versions in different countries. Some with more or fewer themes but in general, they all give us an idea of ​​what is her musical bet and cover letter for the future. In fact, in a very short time, this artist has been considered to be part of important international events and several artists of the moment take her into account for their productions. The lights went immediately over her. It is noted that both Dua Lipa and her record company knew what they had in hand to invest so much money in her album release and presentation, you do not always see that with new artists and that confirms the security they had that everything would be a success. And they were not wrong. An album for which a GIF was created in each of the themes to turn it into a visual experience, in addition, many videos and all well done, which means a lot of money, so I understand that the risk was well calculated. And so it was, as soon as the songs were coming out everywhere, people turned to meet this charismatic actress and, at the same time, enigmatic for many markets that are not accustomed to a beauty that, although born in London and has all the Anglo-Saxon culture well assimilated, has its ethnic roots in Kosovo and all the exotic that it means for the Anglo-Saxon public. Almost immediately and after releasing this album in 2017, her image is related to many of the aspirations of the British and North American female audience and the wet dreams of the male audience around the world. Her deep voice, unusual in pop stars, makes her unique in the market at this time and is probably the element that complements the sensuality of her image. The videos always highlight her beauty, which explodes naturally and reflects what many girls of her age nowadays want to become. The songs are basically made to dance at the disco and the content of the lyrics reflect the stage that not only Dua Lipa is living, but all guys of her age. In addition, and for strictly personal reasons, all the material of this album relates to the world that revolves around fashion and glamor. The rhythms and the musicalization, as well as many of the images used in her videos, transport me immediately to that world, a world that I knew up close and that brings back many memories.


After working in the United Kingdom in a large company dedicated exclusively to fashion, with clothes from the greatest designers in the world, I was able to get to know that environment where money is not a problem and what matters is to be fashion at any price and distinguish yourself from others, although in many cases you look pathetic, but you are in fashion and that is what counts for many, I had the opportunity to live with people from many countries and different languages ​​and I could meet many who once were models or aspired to be models. Their mentality was very different from mine, which was more cultivated in music and business, however, with this inclination of mine to try to learn a little of everything and analyze the why of things, I did an excellent chemistry with almost all of them, to make an effort to know more about them, after all, they were my colleagues and friends, I appreciated them and they appreciated me. Then I could understand what their longings and frustrations were, what gave them meaning in their life and what made them sad. When I had the opportunity to talk to the girls who worked with me, in their talks they described how they would have liked to be and the way in which they put on makeup, dressed, and dyed and fixed their hair to look like others. More than one told me that would have loved to have eyes of a different color to theirs (predominantly blue), as the description continued, in my mind was formed an image of what they told me and several years later, when Dua Lipa appeared in I said the musical scene: "It's her!" that's the image that was created in my mind when I put the puzzle together with the pieces of her descriptions. Probably that is the secret of the singer's quick and resounding success, she is the living image of what many would like to be in countries where the physical characteristics of their race are diametrically opposed to this girl's. Black hair, brown-skinned, bushy eyebrows, brown eyes, a beautiful body, sensuality inherent in her personality and that voice so distinctive of everything we are hearing at the moment, make her a role model for many.


You probably find the subject I've played for this album and this artist frivolous, however, one of the things I could learn at that stage that I am talking about now, is that people have different ways of thinking and feeling, have different ways of interpreting their role in life and many of them have motivators that, for some they may seem little committed to the rest of the people or even hollow. However, I think one of the greatest lessons I could gather from all these lovely people who surrounded me was that it does not make much sense to worry about the problems that you cannot solve and I find a lot of reason in it. Sometimes life should not be so stormy, and we can make a minimum effort to find something that, although superficial for many, gives us a little joy without so many complications. That was for me the passing of the years at that time, surrounded by people who dreamed of being something very similar to what Dua Lipa projects today and nothing more. And that's fine, I believe.

By: Jorge Diaz

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