Imagine Dragons, those are their Origins?

Imagine that you arrive at a restaurant that looks good, you take a seat in a good place and you wait for them to show you the menu. You open it with great expectations, you read it carefully, you want to know everything that each dish contains, there are some that sound appetizing for the ingredients that they include and, finally, you decide for the entrance, the main dish, and the dessert. If everything is as described in the menu you will be the happiest person that day; but what would happen if, after the wait and with all those expectations, in addition to the hunger you have, the dishes are not what you expected? Of course, you will want to complain, get out of there and not pay a penny for that disappointing meal. Well, that's what happened to me when I decided to listen to "Origins" by Imagine Dragons. To begin with, the art of the album cover did not invite me to listen to it; however, the band had done good things on their past albums and I thought: "I can not judge a book just by looking at its cover" and, therefore, I proceeded to put on the headphones and give them all the attention they deserve. It all started with "Natural" and, my expectations increased, since the song is good, it is part of what the band has done well throughout its existence and I prepared to enjoy a good rock album. The video captivated me and, I quickly forget the bad impression that caused me the cover of the album. But unfortunately, the song ended and opened the way to disaster. It came "Boomerang" and it was as if it had fallen into the abyss of the lightest and most inconsequential Pop that has been written until today. Where is testosterone? I expected to go up and up as the songs of the album were advancing but just in the second song, my disappointment was total. I was patient and I listened to it completely, "it's just a blip, I thought", but I was wrong, the tragedy that came after filled me with sadness.


What comes is strong: after the second song, I started having my doubts about the album quality and, with a little fear let the third song: "Machine" sound. Sincerely, I was hoping to find a reason to listen to it completely and, the only good thing I found, was the video made for the song. The truth is that it is not bad taking into account all the technology that was used for its realization and the history within it is striking, very modern, but the song is basically a framework for the video and not the center of attention. Confusion took over me in the next song, "Cool Out", where the sound of the keyboards took me back to a not very glorious past of the eighties, with all those old and very characteristic effects of the European New Wave, Nordic and British that many of those who did it surely prefer not to remember it. Four songs had passed, and nothing was defined, what is this album about? How did they choose the themes? The lyrics have to do with very forced situations in what is intended only as being fashionable with certain current problems, dressing them with rhythms and very different arrangements between song and song. It seems that each song is written by a different person and with very different tastes and backgrounds. I thought it was terrible that it was the video that got me hooked to stay, instead of the main product: the song. It seems that the members of "Imagine Dragons" are going through a moment of falling in love and that is very good for them, but their music is suffering from the lack of energy and testosterone. The same case as for the previous song, applies to "Bad Liar", where the video captivates you by the beauty of the actress and those formidable steps of ballet that embellish the video, the song is not to be thrown away, but The topic they address has been touched by many other artists and with better results. It is mediocre and does not arouse emotions, it is depressing but not sad, in a word: artificial. I'll take the exquisite steps of classical dance of the brilliant dancer, if it were not for her, I would not have finished listening to the song.


As soon as I finished watching the video of "Bad Liar", because in reality that was what I was doing: seeing, not listening, the index finger of my right hand became the fastest finger of the West because I started to Skip the songs as fast as I could. A senseless mixture of styles and genres, with poor musicalization and a disappointing lack of affection when it comes to printing quality to the sounds in the recording studio. Guitars without depth, sound effects on the drums used since the times of "Yes" (I'm not saying they were bad, but they're old!), Electropop, Electropunk, Synthpop, country, rock, pop ... what's all this??? My finger continued non-stop jumping songs with cheesy lyrics and no connection. I must confess that all this seems very strange to me, gives the impression that this was an album for commitment, or that something is happening with the creative style to make songs of this band. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing when I got to the song "Zero" the subject of the movie "Ralph Breaks The Internet" I was about to quit, but I preferred to skip it and try to rescue something from the album, but it was useless. I got to the last track, "Love" and I thought about the fans of this band, will they be feeling the same as me? I hope so and that they let their heroes of "Imagine Dragons" know so they can take the road back again. It is contradictory that they have titled this record as "Origins" because there does not seem to be much coherence. I understand that you can have many influences that have nothing to do with each other, however, all of that nurtures an owned and consistent style, the mistake is to pretend to compose each song loaded with certain influence, and move on to the next song composing it with a totally different influence to the previous one. For that are the concept albums, they could do a complete work of one style and another album addressing a different style. I do not know I was very confused with this album. I did not like.

By: Jorge Diaz

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