Katy Perry in real trouble

I must say that one of my guilty pleasures in music is listening to everything Katy Perry does and I really like her. However, and following the news that has just been released in the sense that the law of Los Angeles, California, has found her guilty of plagiarism for her song 'Dark Horse' in which Juice J intervened, along with its producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, things don't stop at a simple fine.

I definitely think Marcus Gray ('Flame') will be happy because he will receive the money he would never have imagined, but I think there is something unfair about this.

To begin with and being very honest, I don't find great similarities between 'Dark Horse' and 'Joyful Noise' and far from the money at stake, the damage to Katy's image and reputation could be devastating.

I'm sure her biggest fans won't abandon her, but in the business world that doesn't count; In reality, what counts is what the businessmen, producers and labels think about what happened and only then will we know if the future of the singer can have fatal consequences.

So many careers have ended in events like this one, although on other occasions nothing happens and everything is forgotten with a couple of good songs and a good media strategy to minimize what happened. I think it will be the last thing that happens with Katy Perry and in a short time nobody will remember the embarrassing event.

By: Jorge Diaz

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