Let It Be, from the rehearsals to the immortality

While this is not the last album in the discography of The Beatles, it was the last album that went on sale and that contained original songs, and that was an attempt to introduce to their fans to the most intimate area of the Fab Four. Throughout the time other discs authorized by them with compilations also arrived, but I think all the fans will agree with me that Let It Be and Abbey Road are considered as their last works as a band. In another Narrative I commented that it was an attempt of the band for showing the most intimate part of their work to their millions of fans around the world, I was referring specifically to the filming that bears the same name of the album. And I do not think it was not achieved at all, however, to all of us who admire his career during the sixties, it is enough for us to have seen those brushstrokes of inspiration and creativity that they showed during the recording sessions of this album. I have been very hard when I refer to his previous films, that were film attempts and that seem frankly ridiculous to me, however, in the case of what we see in Let It Be, it seems fair to admit that it was not pretentious and that they were simply trying to show the creative side of the band, so I think it was not bad. It is not a documentary itself and no one pretends to be what it is not, they simply limit themselves to work and the camera records the moments. For me it is a pity that it was not done at another time. A time when the band was more united from a friendly point of view and, very important, from the creative point of view. I think that an exercise of this magnitude for the sessions of Revolver or Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, would have been wonderful and would have given us much more because I consider that for the times in which Let It Be was filmed, there were irreconcilable differences among the band members and things sometimes feel forced and in others a little bit false. Nothing to talk about it, such is life and the history of human relationships, everything that starts with a big dream and awakes so much camaraderie among the group members ends up tiring and annoying some of them, professional jealousy is present, communication breaks down, personal interests are imposed over the interests of the group, upstarts are always a bad influence, and things get worse until the thread breaks on the thinnest part. In fact, it has been officially reported that both the rehearsals and the recordings suffered delays due to the absence of George Harrison for a few weeks, and I believe that although he returned to finish the final works, it was impossible for things to be the same as before. The invitation made to Billy Preston was a desperate attempt of the four from Liverpool to try to save things and, although the participation of the keyboardist is enriching could not be more, and the story would precipitate until the disappearance of the band a few months after.


Even with all the problems that I described previously and those that we probably will not even know, there is no excuse for the geniuses and when they put on their guitar or bass and sit on the bench, it's time to make good music. "Across The Universe" is one of the favorite tracks of my whole life and fortunately is one of those that were published as a finished product on the album; I've always wanted the day of my death this to be the first of the two songs that sound when they throw my ashes into the sea (only two songs so as not to entertain the few who could attend my funeral, they will surely have more important things to do, if someone actually attends). The second and last song that I want it to sound to say goodbye to this cruel world is "Yellow Submarine In Pepperland", instrumental theme created by George Martin, inspired by the famous song "Yellow Submarine". Yes, I want to say goodbye with something festive and cheerful. I said, it's my last will. Many of us know from later biographies that, at this stage, John Lennon was very interested to sound more rocker than anything else and it is striking that even with those intentions he has created this sweet melody accompanied by a letter of multiple meanings. The introduction, with a simple guitar, that at times seems erratic, does not allow us to imagine the dimension of what will come next and that amazes me. Without a doubt, it is a smart subject seen from any angle.


The album continues its march, going through one of the best songs of George Harrison composed during his life with The Beatles, "I Me Mine", then opens the classic of all classics, "Let It Be", which is the delight of everyone who attends Paul McCartney's concerts till this day. Then comes the best example that, even in those difficult days, they could still be together and create formidable songs, I mean "I've Got a Feeling" (I must say that "Two Of Us", is also a sample of this, and they open the album with this song) the duet Lennon and McCartney make it clear why they were leading the world market in those years and that, despite the differences, they were born to compose together.


The meanings of this song, beginning with the title, must be extraordinarily varied for all who adore it. Associate it with personal experiences throughout life, it must be easy for many and from the point of view of love, who have not gone through something like this? For me, in recent years, "The Long and Winding Road" allows me to remember and deeply and infinitely thank a person, who is no longer among us, and who made possible for me and for Laura (the only woman I have ever loved in my life) that we could realize our dreams by being secured by her protective mantle for life: Irma.

By: Jorge Diaz

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