Love, me by Lennon Stella. When everything is broken

I cannot imagine what market segment of Lennon Stella went with her EP, Love, me, in times of life where relationships tend to be a little more relaxed and love tragedies less frequent. Perhaps it is because she is going through a very painful moment in her romantic relationships or because, definitely, I am wrong and there is a large sector of the American female population and other parts of the world that identifies with these problems on a daily basis. If so, hit the nail and surely the sales will be a success. It's a selection of songs that pull you down, you get depressed just listening to the sorrows that Lennon Stella tells with that sweet but sad voice. Several themes seem like a romantic but optimistic lyric, the truth is that there is very good music in this EP; however, the lyrics invite something much darker in the soul and unfortunately could not be songs that accompany us all and at any time of the day. At least on this record, the singer shows that she and her love have not got along very well these days and that things in the heart should remain on pause for a prudent time until the prospects improve, and their expectations are met. Although love should not be expected much, there are several trial and error attempts that have to be made until the right person comes into your life. But that does not mean that it will not hurt you and that the wounds will leave scars forever. That's why, at a certain moment, maybe the album Love, me, is an escape valve for many who are going through a love disappointment and many of their songs become the soundtrack of some sad stage in the lives of some. I think that, indeed, "Bad" and "Breakaway" could be themes that will be remembered forever by the person who runs into them during a moment in their life when everything is broken and you do not even have a clue how collect the pieces of the heart to reassemble it and move on. Sometimes, songs become classics. When a theme hits the target and translates the pain of many people into song and poem, the rest will be history. Although, to be honest, I think the songs of Love, me, do not have the strength to become a generation's classic, but there will be many who remember these songs throughout their lives for very special reasons and circumstances.


Returning to the music that accompanies the lyrics of Love, me, my only criticism would be that maybe it took more power in certain segments of some songs. Also, the sadness, disappointment, and courage that cause the failures of love can be transmitted to generate those feelings with greater intensity in the musical arrangement. Apart from that, I think that the arrangements and the musicalization of all the songs fulfill their objective. I insist it's not a bad record, but the recurring theme of the breakup of love forces you to put it on a separate track list and to which you will arrive in very specific situations. I wonder if, at some point in her artistic life, Lennon Stella will decide to turn the songs she plays to offer other themes to her fans. In Adele's musical career, things started to get a bit difficult because her first albums were solely and exclusively about a life tormented by the deceit of a partner, and everything was complaints and laments, It seemed that blood and tears were coming from the speakers when you were listening to her songs. They were a success? Of course! Worldwide Adele became the companion of the agonies of many women and her fame spread like the foam of the sea; however, as their audience became obsessed with the songs of the singer, they only demanded songs with the same theme and content, so the artist begins to be typecast, the companies demand the artist not to change the course, so the creative problems begin to emerge. Conflicts of this kind are very serious for many artists who want to grow and not limit themselves. The art is not to reproduce in series and without any change in the things that want to be said and transmitted but, in times when, if you do not sell a certain amount of discs, you do not exist, the pressures are unbearable and, sometimes, you do not get anywhere. So, I think that, if Lennon Stella finds a huge response to this album, maybe the most convenient thing for her is to offer an immediate change in her next releases so that the public does not get used to the same cut of songs that she presented in Love, me, and that in the future the demands of her fans do not go the way that the fans of Adele took. It's like everything in life: nothing with excess and everything with measure. I think it's time to prepare a material that completely breaks with the previous one. As actresses and actors do when they shoot a very successful series or film, they immediately change their image and accept projects that completely break with the character that was so successful in the immediate past so that fans do not get used to an image or character specific. Art careers must be taken care of carefully and, observing the case of Adele, like that of many others in the history of popular music, I think it is a good moment for Lennon Stella to make an urgent change; in this way, she can return to the theme of this album in other songs in the future without being typecast as an artist who only sings to the lack of love and sadness.


With ascending popularity in social networks and dates for concerts throughout 2019 and until March 2020, Lennon Stella is a reality, just need to orient the next step in his future record production and success will be assured.

By: Jorge Diaz

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