Speak your mind will always be better

The album, Speak Your Mind, by Anne-Marie, made me think of all those occasions when you really want to say what you think, but you are forced to shut up, when that impulse floods your mind and your heart you feel a huge I want to raise my voice and not to silence a single word, but you do not. Get rid of fears or good manners, shake off that double standard that sometimes suffocates those who do not dare to be themselves and prefer to pretend to be other people. The fear of many people to be expelled from a social circle or work forces them to silence things that are sometimes very important and can make the difference between living a life in freedom or suffer the consequences of silence complicit in abuses and arbitrariness, even with themselves. I know that for this moment you will be thinking that it is too much what I said, simply based on Anne-Marie's album, but I do not think so. These songs, although played with a lot of lightness and softness throughout the album, are a reflection of what many are feeling today. The flow of political correctness is everywhere and the new inquisition of social networks stalks all who participate in them and, at the slightest carelessness, whatever you say will be magnified and you will be mercilessly lynched by those faceless virtual beings and without any scruple to influence a huge number of people who like to eat carrion and have never had the courage to say what they think, either because of cowardice, or because they do not think. The worst of all is that this practice is transcending the virtual and is moving to real life. The simple fact of not agreeing with what the majority thinks is a reason to receive all kinds of insults and attacks by those who prefer to be part of a pack and will never have the courage to be like eagles: able to fly alone. All those horrid faceless beings and shielded in the anonymity of social networks have been able to cause other people to attempt against their own lives because they could not stand the mockery, slander, contempt or expulsion of a certain circle to which they belonged, and It was very important to them because it gave them identity and recognition. And all because of saying what they think, sometimes by accident and in others, by the legitimate right of all people to express what they think, as they want and when they want, without this being a reason for anyone to attack you either physically or virtually. That is why, when a girl like Anne-Marie puts emphasis on these issues and dares to say what she thinks, and regardless of whether you like the music she plays or not, she is worth recognizing, being alert to those calls for attention and support the freedom of the people and the right not to suffer any attack for it.


We are reaching such extremes that we can not even be as direct as one would like when it comes to accepting or rejecting a relationship. The song "FRIENDS" on this album reminds me of those moments when the words were based on the truth and have no intention of hurting feelings, like the simple fact of let someone know that you only consider him/her a friend and nothing else, that he does not have any illusions because that will not happen, without this can be taken as a pretext to label you as cruel and lacking in feelings. You end up like a villain and you only said what you felt because you considered that it was the best thing so that things did not get out of control and, even so, for many people you will be a despicable being. It's not fair. But many of those people who are attentive to anything you do or say to destroy you, no matter what they are intruding on your private life, do not say anything when, for example, they watch on television or on the internet images of extreme violence, mutilated bodies, children dying of hunger, and unpresentable characters destroying coexistence inside and outside their countries, on the contrary, support this type of atrocities. In fact, in the song "Machine" of this album, Anne-Marie says: "If I was a machine I wouldn’t be affected by violence on the television screen" and that is a subtle sample of what is beginning to happen in many, youngsters or not, as the singer rightly says, we are being affected by everything that I mentioned above and we have to do something, it occurs to me that, first of all, we start by saying what we think without fear of being lynched for it, and with the courage to defend the right of everyone to do the same. Imagine how many things could be avoided if we simply break with the established rule of the politically correct and how happy we would be if we all exercised that freedom.


Another song, "Heavy" keeps giving me reasons to think about how really heavy it is for all of us the environment that is being lived in the whole world. Suddenly, that idea that we were strong, and that the world was going to be just one, more just, more egalitarian, crumbles before our eyes and it seems we can not do anything. Dark forces move wills and put them to fight against each other. The buzzword in many places is polarization, I simply call it hatred, intolerance, and excessive ambition. It is never too late to amend the error and, among all of us who are aware that this will not end well, we can make them see that we are more and that we can coexist civilized, tolerating those who think differently and say what they think. Not to base our lives on resentment and revenge, trying only one thing: to live in peace. Hopefully and after these words, you can see not only the work of Anne-Marie on this album, but in all the works that the artists give us, something other than a simple rhythm, the number of sales of their albums, the clothes they wear, or even the way they sing. There will always be something below the surface of the work of all artists that says much more than we see in a video or on a stage. Sometimes they are very loud cries, which we are not able to hear.

By: Jorge Diaz

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