Thank you Ariana Grande…  when are we going to have the next?

Sometimes you lose the hope in the things you once believed and you had the confidence that they were always going to be there, perfect, untouchable. The music industry on many occasions is a factory of disappointments, disposable artists or just rubbish. Works for oblivion, large advertising campaigns for those who do not deserve it and who will not leave anything more than a few dollars of profit, but no benefit for those who support the music business. We only ask for respect, quality material that does not miss the intention of performers and composers to provoke unforgettable experiences for music consumers and not only see in them the possibility of making money composing on request or simply following the current of what is fashionable at the time. And believe me, year after year I see with absolute disbelief how many in this business follow the formulas without caring even their own dignity. Fortunately, there are islands in the middle of the ocean of rubbish that provide a breath of relief and strengthen our faith in the sublime art of music. So, get ready to give a breath of fresh air to your soul and enjoy the biggest of the moment, an artist who at her young age does not conform to repeat the formulas and copy the styles. A singer who has been through very difficult times and has risen with impressive courage to transmit to all her generation a message of strength rarely seen. Always in motion and with the determination to transcend far beyond her own time. With a privileged voice and a well-polished technique to meet the highest standards. We can assure that she already has a place among the best exponents of the genres she dominates. No doubt, Ariana Grande surprises us on each album and thank u, next is the best sign of it.


Unlike the song we have just heard, Ariana has nothing to pretend, nor smile. Because, listening to each of the songs on this record, one can see the honesty with which they were created. Her voice is crystal clear, and it did not need great technological resources to be able to fill all the spaces in the songs. With an excellent array of voices for choruses and strings and, of course, synthesizers that create an enveloping atmosphere, "thank u, next," is definitely the best that Ariana Grande has created so far. When one listens the care and all the details that were considered in this album, you can see the affection that the artist has to her base of followers and the love she has for her profession. Without conforming to deliver music that can only dance and forget the next summer or letters that lack content and meaning for a very common lifestyle in large segments of the population, Ariana Grande also addresses the problems that her generation faces. It is an aspirational work and at the same time aware of the reality that surrounds her. I suppose that after the serious incident in Manchester, where the artist and her fans suffered a terrible attack, the awareness and determination not to fall in front of the facts, in addition to the quick reaction of returning to that city to offer a concert that would bring her even closer to her audience and show the world that we should not let ourselves be overcome by the terror that some want to instill in us, have marked in her a before and after in her career, same that will give her enough courage to never disappoint us in a next album or concert. Even if it is hard and nobody wants it, when events like that happen, those who stay here to face it, leave strengthened as people and fight every day for their ideals.


Where to begin? By "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored”? “7 rings”? “imagine”? Or “thank u, next”. All these songs from the album for which videos were created have a common denominator: beauty. It is the perfect complement for an anthology material. Ariana Grande and all the girls and boys that accompany her are really beautiful; the costumes, makeup and, all the sensual movements to dance that never become offensive, on the contrary, they were designed with class to dress even better each song, not they stop marveling at me. Lights purple, red, pink and, blue among many others, create images that hypnotize anyone. Well-designed videos from start to finish, that let you see the concern for Ariana and all her team for printing quality in everything they do. This is what makes the faith and hope in music renew. With products of this type it will not be necessary to resort to the music that was composed decades ago so often and, if we do, that is for the love that we have to the old school and not because of the lack of creativity, honesty and quality of the new artists. With discs like "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande, I am sure that many other singers will lose the fear of trying to do everything that comes out of the heart and with the impressive response that the public has had, I think the music industry is convinced every day more that is worth to bet on quality. Only that is what we ask for, quality and intellectual honesty in everything that they intend to sell us and is not much to ask for. There are thousands of high-quality singers and composers who are sometimes forced to do what companies dictate to them because otherwise they would not be able to work on what they like best. However, I believe that the public also plays an important role in the pressure that we must exert towards companies to make them understand that support is not unconditional and that, if they do not pay attention to what they offer us, there are already alternatives for artists who do not go through their offices and come directly to us through the digital platforms that we have all over the world. For the time being, and having heard "thank u, next" The only thing I have to ask Ariana Grande is: when are we going to have the next? It is urgent to listen to you again with new material.

By: Jorge Diaz

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