The Fame Monster we all want to see

I could listen to this album twenty million times in a short period of time and I would not get tired of it, in fact, with this album, I can confirm and say that, in effect, Lady Gaga becomes a monster. A monster that creates music for all the senses and all the ways of being and thinking. A monster that devours the popularity charts of the whole world with many of the songs included in this long-play album and that conquers the most demanding consumers of popular music. There is no one who is not captivated by the sound, arrangements, strength, and rhythm of the themes that consolidate Lady Gaga as an obligatory reference and as the person who makes us understand the reason for existing, and the meanings of worlds that, until recently, had remained hidden from the view of the majority. It allows us to understand the meaning of certain attitudes and ways of thinking and makes us accept them as something normal and part of our diversity. It allows us to discover and contemplate beauty in all those things where before we only perceived strange things. It opens our mind, it moves our feet, it shows us the path that, from this album, would take popular music. It has set a high standard with which music lovers will value the musical works of other artists who pretend to be at the forefront. It puts limits to intolerance and builds bridges that unite all as the rhythm of all the themes passes. Her image challenges us to accept what is different and teaches us not to put more labels on people, only to love them as they are, without questioning their way of thinking or the way they look. Her determined and threatening look dominates us and marks us with the beat of the songs to go to those places where we had never been and discover so many things that we did not know. The Fame Monster is a before and an after, challenges the great stars of past decades and sets the conditions for the new generations of musicians who aspire to become the stars of the future. Obligates that those who seek to break through in the music scene are overcome and do everything possible to attract the attention of an audience that, upon discovering Lady Gaga, probably have already seen everything. It is not easy to overcome this for anyone. Everything that revolves around her music and image has been the perfect blend of marketing, market research and inspiration, and creativity that lives in the mind and heart of a complete and determined artist to conquer the world. As with all artists, Lady Gaga has had ups and downs in her career, either because of the natural weariness of people, the exhaustion of ideas, business commitments, tours, personal affairs and many imponderables in the life of anyone; nevertheless, The Fame Monster, must be, in my opinion, the line that throughout her artistic life must mark the course to her. It must be the compass that guides this artist at all times in all the art projects she intends to carry out so that she remembers what has allowed her to win the idolatry of massive and varied audiences.


In a previous Narrative, I critiqued Lady Gaga's decision to participate in the movie A Star Is Born, because I feel that she lost all her essence as a singer, composer and as the great character that she built of herself. Perhaps, the need to shake off that image a bit led her to make that decision; however, and remembering The Fame Monster, it is important for all her fans (including myself) that she return this way and not allow bad influences to change something that has become the meaning of life of many. When listening to "Bad Romance" or "Just Dance", you realize the importance that this artist represents for many and confirm that popular music is not only a good excuse to dance; on the contrary, it is the simplest way to reach the heart and the conscience of many without complications. It is the way in which generations have been able to take refuge from a lonely life without attention. Popular music represents, in many occasions, the medicine for the soul that we all need and Lady Gaga is that sweet and monstrous doctor who prescribes the cure for all our ills. The same you receive a dose of power that the sweetness more characteristic of pop. Her voice has that virtue of being able to fit and adapt to different styles, her knowledge to play various instruments and her sensitivity as a composer, let her know what she wants and where she wants to take us. The Fame Monster is all that and more for every soul that has been touched by this great work. I will not tire of saying it, in this new century and beginning of the millennium, the world has in Lady Gaga, most likely the composer who will dominate the scene for decades. I just hope that she never forget this album and be aware that this is her way.


Lady Gaga has almost 80 million followers on Twitter, more than 36 million followers on Instagram and more than 13 million on YouTube, all of them can not be wrong. The influence and importance of this artist are to be taken into account and always be aware of everything she does. Her recent public appearances show that the artist still has the same spark that has brought her to the top, so, undoubtedly, her essence and creativity are intact and will continue to surprise us with what she knows best: represent millions in the world with her voice and her thought. With a large number of dates this year and next, the artist will be presenting 2 shows in Las Vegas: Enimga and Jazz & Piano, which confirms her as a lover of music in every way.

By: Jorge Diaz

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