There will always be beauty behind the madness

Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Prince and many, many more in the history of art have had a certain degree of madness. Well, what society understands as madness, because they are not prepared to understand how it is that so many beautiful works of art are generated. They are capable of marveling and admiring everything created by these great artists, but they cannot understand why those men and women touched by something divine behave differently than established by the ties of society. However, for many artists that is the state of the soul in which creativity, inspiration, beauty, high consciousness and what many know as augmented reality that is so fashionable in film works and that offer us a different perspective of what we do every day and that we are not aware of all that is hidden behind those acts. Why do I mention augmented reality in this? Because I think that in the minds of many artists this already existed from time immemorial, but only until today and with the help of all the amazing technological advances, some directors and creatives have been able to show it in video and sound, which is shocking, that's why I add it among all the altered senses that musicians, painters, poets, dancers, writers, directors, even some scientists and all those who have artistic expressions in their work and everyday life have. Art is the word that encloses all the above, having that gift is what generates that supposed madness of some in the eyes of a society that, while appreciating what they do, does not understand and sometimes turns against them. The insanity that has sometimes been a source of mockery and contempt, of persecution and violence, of incomprehension and intolerance. But one thing I'm sure: the world would be much better if we were all a little crazy like all those who have given us masterpieces that will remain for eternity unless those who claim not to be crazy destroy them with their ignorance. It is a primary need of the artist to make those who see and hear understand that behind all that seems strange or different a magical vision of things and an imagination that sometimes leads them to anticipate the time they are living. But, above all, the artist strives to bring people a picture of the moment that the people of his time are going through to create awareness, to point out what in their eyes is wrong, to help them be happy, to share sadness, anguish, to make life more beautiful, to teach how to express oneself to those who are curious or suspect that they also inhabit that madman, but do not know how to let it out. If we call this madness, welcome be Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd.


I am sure that I can locate Beauty Behind the Madness, along with its author, The Weeknd, among those works and artists that shake consciences and move Orthodox from their comfort zone. Musically he gives us news in terms of technology and certain modifications to the R & B genre, making it a bit more aggressive than I'm used to, although I can also listen to Michael Jackson and Prince among many other influences as is logical. However, the most attractive part of the album is the disruptive of its lyrics, the cruelty with which it draws the reality of many, the loneliness of which many are victims all over the world, the anguish to live to the maximum because you know that this can end soon and without warning, the search for love without knowing exactly what it is, and how you can live in love and at the same time without commitments, the terrible reality of being exposed to a world without mercy and know that the time will come in the one that you have to face with your own weapons and understand that you can get defeated. Meanwhile, The Weeknd offers an escape valve for all of them: his music and his vision of things. Sometimes on the defensive and at other times docile and submissive to love, that which overcomes, that which raises, that for instants makes us feel that we are alive, and it is worthwhile to remain alive. But also, that love that is not reciprocal, that cheats, that betrays and that leaves, leaving us even more injured and that forces us to reach the beginning of the loop where we are to start over. Many of those who move to the rhythm of the music of Beauty Behind the Madness must see themselves reflected in those urban landscapes full of violence and emptiness of consideration and the only thing they find is the balsam that the artist, full of madness, gives them with infinite beauty.


I must say that, at the beginning of social networks, specifically YouTube, and the massive use that began to be given by millions in the world, I thought that everything would be a passing fad and that serious artistic expressions would not come close, that they would not take it into account as an alternative to arriving directly, without filters and without censorship to their audiences. Of course I was very wrong, however, what is also true is that it was not until the outsiders of music began to present their work on those platforms and prove that they were as much or more competitive than those who already had a career in the music scene and had contracts with the labels, it was until then that the industry began to consider the possibility in the use of these platforms to advertise their artists. I woke up to that reality thanks to the phenomenon The Weeknd. All the success that he obtained independently and the loyalty of his biggest fans forced the industry not only to take seriously everything that was presented there but also to surrender to artists like The Weeknd. Undoubtedly, this is a triumph of society and the brave users who in most cases do things and share them only for the love of art, also thanks to the madness of artists who present their art without commercial conflicts or censorship of some kind so that manifestations of beauty arise, hard and direct, but beauty at the end, like this album.

By: Jorge Diaz

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