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I could tell many stories that are linked to The Beatles' album Yellow Submarine and my life. Stories that have to do with the growth of a guy who preferred to follow the dream of becoming a famous musician, make their own songs, play in large forums and, above all, be in a recording studio most of the time. Maybe the only thing I did not get was to become famous; however, I am happy to have done everything else. Always true to what I thought, I never succumbed to the temptation to compose songs with the fashionable formula in my time. I thought that if I was not honest and did not follow my inspiration and that, if only I became a record seller as if I were selling cars or refrigerators, I would prefer not to. That's why I tried for years to get where I wanted with my music. When I realized that it was about being commercial and cheating the public, I decided not to try it anymore. And I think it was fine. In the distance, I think I had a lot more fun doing what I wanted in the presentations in which we were hired, and in the recording studio, than what I would have thought today if I had become a mercenary. After all, when you're young and pretend to be a rock star, when what you're really looking for is fame, money and girls, but you are not aware of all the problems faced by those who do achieve it, and perhaps in many cases, it's not worth it to want so much fame and money ... although maybe the girls are worth it. After all I think it does not matter, the soundtrack of my life is as rich as I can be, thanks to that stage, where I spent hours, days, weeks, months, and years listening to music non-stop and composing everything that came to my mind, rehearsing with the guys in my band, performing at the local forums, placing some of my songs on the radio and taking some money to my pocket to buy musical instruments and pay a few hours in the recording studios. All that left me very positive things in life, although I must admit that there were also certain frustrations for the failures, but nothing that has not been overcome with time and the triumphs that life brought me in other areas. While my youth was passing, there was a record that was spinning in my mind all the time: Yellow Submarine, all the contrasts it has in its songs, made me think about how valid it is to be faithful to what you want without any other consideration. Of course, some have that great luck of being able to achieve the fame they seek as The Beatles, and others are left on the road, but recognizing the great merit of those who conquer the top and respecting them forever.


One of the things I learned the most from the Yellow Submarine album is the fun one has to experience when one is a musician. There is no reason to take it so seriously, although there are moments when inspiration takes us to the fields of melancholy. When I see musicians, who adopt a position of great intellectuals or poets, of great divas or unreachable stars, they seem pathetic to me. I think those artists do not give themselves the opportunity to be happy because they believe that art has to be dramatic or very long-suffering to be considered art and I do not think that is necessarily the truth. You should also express the happy, silly, superficial, and very funny moments in the artists' work, in that way, people realize that they are human beings like any other and that they have all kinds of feelings and experiences like us. To live pretending a superior life is so false that at the end of the careers of many presumptuous artists, they end up depressing them. It is obvious that this album was the product of a commitment to make a cartoon movie of the most famous band of the moment, but if they had not been aware of their sense of humor and their ability to compose funny songs; they would not have signed that agreement. Therefore, when we hear "Yellow Submarine" and "All Together Now" I am very happy to confirm that the Fab Four had a childhood and they remember it with pleasure; that not everything in this life is about complicated melodies, or to be philosophical all the time, or cut the veins cut your veins after a breakup; as many other composers try to sell us the idea. In fact, and due to the great ability they had to make simple melodies and basic musicalization a true international success, these two songs have been the delight of generations of children who have had contact with them on television or in their schools. Nothing more important than to bring joy to a child. And they achieved it perhaps without intending it, why? Because that is the result of being an honest artist and exercise the freedom to which I referred at the beginning of this Narrative, without anything or anyone trying to exert a harmful influence on your compositions. And if success is achieved as the four guys from Liverpool did, well, better.


I have always felt a great admiration for what I consider to be the fifth Beatle, George Martin. Without it, many of the songs we adored so much would not have been the same. His arrangements and direct contributions to the songs of the Fab Four, but above all, his endless love for the band, made it possible that he was present in almost all of The Beatles' albums. And it's not easy when such important and successful artists confront their ideas with a producer, arranger, and manager, things can become explosive. In fact, there were very difficult moments in the relationship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney with George Martin, because of the ideas that each one had about the direction that some albums and songs should take. However, at the time of being in the studio and offer the finished product of each album in which this great musician collaborated, the quality and influence that he had on the other four, is perceived perfectly well. For this album, he collaborated with 8 instrumental songs, among them, the one that from my point of view stands out, is "Yellow Submarine In Pepperland".

By: Jorge Diaz

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