Working as a Remote Session Drummer

Whether you are a professional or an applicant who is about to present their songs to record labels, businessmen or simply to the public that follows you through your social media accounts, what you expect is for the sound to be fantastic, refined and it conveys exactly what you want. Unfortunately, you don't always have an excellent musician by your side to dress your songs the way you thought about it; however, I have good news for you.

The importance of a good drum and percussion session in current music can be the difference between looking amateur or professional, so it is important that you know that there is a great option to hire the services of a Remote Session Drummer.

What does it consist of?

Simple, put your songs in the hands of a highly professional and experienced musician who will put all the attention to detail, he will be in touch with you all the time during the process to perfectly understand what you want and deliver the recording of your dreams.

The best example I can mention is that of the professional drummer, Toni Mateos. I know his story with renowned international musicians and I witness the quality of his works, whether in live performances, in the albums in which he has participated or in his extensive catalog of work as Remote Session Drummer.

By combining your creativity and the virtuosity of a Remote Session Drummer, your songs will be heard beautifully and will be ready to be presented to those whom you have decided according to your plans.

How is this possible?

Thanks to technology. As I said before, it is not possible for you to have an excellent musician by your side to make your songs the great work you have dreamed, however, now you have the opportunity for that brilliant drummer to be on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and be your studio partner.

How does it work?

It is simple, you contact him through an email, a text message on its website or through Skype and the Remote Session Drummer will be immediately at your disposal to start working and he just will need your feedback to deliver exactly what do you want.

He will work in two or three shots to analyze them together (all this via Skype) and when you are satisfied he will send you the recordings via Wetransfer and it's done!

What are the advantages of hiring a Remote Session Drummer?

In addition to ensuring the best artistic quality, there is also the subject of money. Imagine that you are the one who has to pay the rent of a recording studio and the instruments necessary to carry out the recordings. In the case of hiring a Remote Session Drummer, you don't have to pay for this, because him in his fantastic professional studio, will only charge you for his services. This means a saving of 70%.

You can see it from different angles and I am sure you will reach the same conclusion as me: working with a Remote Session Drummer is the best artistic and economic option today.

By: Jorge Diaz.

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