Dua Lipa takes over the Disco again

Each single of this girl becomes an event that millions expect. Owner of the night in many clubs throughout his career, his new release, 'Don't Start Now', again becomes the favorite and will be during the closing of this 2019.

With a style that is already perfectly defined by the artist and with all the demonstration of beauty and sensuality, the song meets all expectations, recalling the past glories of Disco music in the 70's.

Dua Lipa takes over the Disco again

The characteristic voice of Dua Lipa, in serious and very suggestive tones, fits perfectly in this musical genre that she knows how to exploit very well.

It is the best excuse to dance and spend endless hours enjoying this fresh and youthful artist.

Enjoy her song and her ... of course.

Dua Lipa takes over the Disco again

By: Jorge Diaz

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